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New owner - couple of questions (boot handle, boot struts, outside temp gauge)

GB23 May 3, 2013

  1. GB23

    GB23 New Member

    I recently joined the Audi club by buying an Audi A3 1.9 TDI 130 in ming blue (moving from a BMW 318Ti Compact). So far I'm very pleased with the car, came with a superb full Audi service history, it's in very nice condition for its age ('53' plate) and while its does not have all the toys of my previous BMW it is a beautifully made car that returns a fair amount of speed and great mpg. I plan to leave the car stock and I'm polishing it up and currently sorting out some minor issues. The first issue is the rear tailgate/boot handle, the right pad works and left pad does not. I imagine its probably the micro switch (had that go on a previous Mini Cooper) is it easy enough to replace just the micro switch or do I need to be looking at a replacing the handle unit? The rear tailgate/boot struts are working but sounds like they are leaking pressure, the black end caps on the cylinders have cracks in them. Any recommendations for suitable replacements? Finally mine is a half DIS model, so very limited amount of info shown to the driver but I don't have the outside temp displayed at all. It would be useful, especially when you live out in the villages and the lanes can be fun in winter. Did all A3 TDI's with half DIS have the outside temp gauge, the owners manual seems to indicate that is true? Do I need to find VCDS owner to sort that out? /where is the temp sensor in the car so I can see if one is fitted? Thanks for the help.
  2. GB23

    GB23 New Member

    By the way - its amazing what you guys do to your A3 S3 and 1.8T's
  3. niallh

    niallh Member VCDS Map User

    Cant help you on the tailgate switches, However boot struts can be picked up cheaply from a breakers.

    My PD130 has half dis and displays nothing whilst driving, I have activated the outside temp gauge to be displayed using VCDS but it then returns an error saying there isnt one installed so may be a case of seeing if your car has the necessary plug.
  4. Flubster

    Flubster Tinkerer VCDS Map User

    You can just replace the micro switch, can't remember what side mine was that went but I bought 8D0827565D & 8D0827359A (ones the switch one is the seal) I seem to remember each side has a different part number though. edit: BAM 52 S3 btw!
    Last edited: May 3, 2013

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