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New owner, couple of q's!

Pandy Nov 18, 2010

  1. Pandy

    Pandy A3 Cab TDI

    Hi all,

    I'm new so go easy on me!

    Quick history, I've sold my last car, a Supra TT, as it just cost far too much to run, last weekend and have always wanted an A3, so took the plunge. Whilst looking around, I had my heart set on a new 2.0 TDi S Line hatchback, but the boss (missus) got what she always wanted, and we (she!) plumped for a standard 58 Cabriolet.

    To be fair, I'm quite happy with it - but there are a couple of things I'd like to change.

    The alloys - which are already ordered, and therefore it'll be lowered slightly as well.
    The headlights.

    My first question is Can the new spec 'facelift' headlights be fitted to replace the older spec headlights?

    This is how it looks now: http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q269/fieldsofgold07/2010_11180086.jpg

    And i'd like it to look:

    And secondly:

    Does the Audi world have a few well known aftermarket specialists/traders etc websites to look at? (As you're probably aware, Supras were very easy to look for facelift equipment etc.)

    Thanks everyone!

  2. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    first of all welcome, and congrats on your purchase.

    i hate convertibles with a passion, but as it wasn't your choice we'll let you off (just don't drive it with the roof down lol)

    all convertibles have the "new spec" headlights as you call them, with or without Xenon/LEDs. you can get the Xenon/LEDs retrofitted but for it to all be legal you'll also need auto levelling sensors and headlamp washers so it won't be cheap. it'll probably be better to trade it in for a car that has them tbh.

    aftermarket wise it depends on what you're looking for. try the sponsors of this forum on the forum homepage near the bottom. also there's a lot of different types of, for example, remaps or CAIs and everyone has a favourite. just do your homework and see what'll suit you the best.

    best of luck, and before and after photos welcome!

  3. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    I'll agree with Sub. Always better to sell and upgrade with Audi. You will then have a car that came out of the factory rather than a Frankenstein creation which you will find hard to sell on. There are usually issues with VAG.COM too.
  4. Pandy

    Pandy A3 Cab TDI

    Thanks for the replies. :)

    I had a feeling that having them retrofitted would be an expensive road to go down! It's not absolutely necessary so I wont be doing it - I probably would've on my Supra - it's a very easy car to work with.

    In that case then, I'd like to upgrade the bulbs - I've done a quick search and found the DRL's are a H16 size, direct replacement for the PS19W (never used these before!). Can you help with the sizes of the other bulbs?

    Thanks again guys, appreciate your answers.

  5. Pandy

    Pandy A3 Cab TDI

    Just to add...

    From using websites, I'm getting:
    Main beam = H7
    Low beam - H7
    Sidelight/DRL = 501????
    Indicator = 581

    Hm, I'm not convinced so if anyone could confirm that'd be great.

  6. Pandy

    Pandy A3 Cab TDI

    Edited: Already mentioned above, sorry!

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