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new or not new

feldmeir Feb 15, 2011

  1. feldmeir

    feldmeir New Member

    Hi All, a couple of days ago i got my "new" TT, oolong grey Sline. The salesman said Audi had a stop
    on ordering a new TT from the factory so I chose this TT which I then bought, was told it had been brought over in Dec10. Aftering doing the deal i found from the documentation that in fact the car
    came over in september 10 and had been around since then. I have bought a 6month old "new" car.
    Was not very happy about this but was told because the car now had registration they could not take it back unless I sold it back to them and the the obvious drop in price. I've haggled and got a little bit of money off but I just feel a little let down that the full fact were not told at the start and probable I would not have bought the car>

  2. loftylad

    loftylad FinishedWaitingForMyAudi :)

    As long as the spec hasn't changed why does it matter? All that counts come resale time is the date it was registered.
    You've also got some extra cash off. result!
    If they've only registered it in the last week or so, then that would be very silly, as you could have hung on a couple of weeks and had it reg'd on an 11 'plate. Loads more cash come trade in time.
    Whatever, Its still a "new" car. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
    I think you'd be very surprised at the amount of "new" cars that are months and months (and some even years) old before being registered!

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