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new on here looking at buying a3 tdi need a little guiders

SHAKEY LFC Jul 14, 2012


    SHAKEY LFC Member

    hi all
    new to forum been vw man for a long time now so i am going audi :yes: for a change i have seen to a3 tdis but just need a little happy picking which 1 and which 1 would be best

    1-is a 2003 2.0 tdi 86,000 miles fsh in grey looks mint

    2-is a 2006 2.0 tdi s-line 90,000 miles full sat/nav display looks mint to but its a cat-d

    both cars i will be able to get for £4500 each but like i said dont know which one plus new to audi always been a vw man meself so will be a nice change.

    or has anybody else got any better a3s that you know of for me and are the cars above priced right?
    cheers guys
  2. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    If your a VW man than the issues on the A3 are the same as on the Golf as they are the same cars underneath...

    Personally I wouldn't buy a Cat D car but that's just me. There are loads of A3's out there for sale, just don't be afraid to travel for the right car!

    SHAKEY LFC Member

    yea dont think i will be buying the cat d to be honest,i having be looking for the past 7 days and this is probs the best i have found to what i want from an a3 tdi and within me bugdet.

    so will more than likly have a3 before the end of the day happy days.

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