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New OEM RS4 Alloys ~ 2 Been Re-Sprayed and Slighty darker Shade ~ Gutted!

pazaz Jul 5, 2012

  1. pazaz

    pazaz Member

    Ive recently purchased 4 OEM second hand RS4 alloys with tyres.

    When inspecting them before I purchased it was under poor artificial light and all looked mint.

    Under closer inspection when home it became evident that two have been sprayed and are slightly darker shade of grey than the OEM silvery ones. They are also a little ruffer finish than the originals.

    The spray hasnt taken well around the valve on the one and looks like this spray could possibly chip/scratch in time show the lighter shinier colour of the original below. Gutted!!

    I suppose its my own fault for not checking properly and in natural light when rushing to buy them,

    I will put the two originals on the front as these will get more of a hiding and the others on the rear, but now Ive noticed the colour differance it will annoy me and probably stand out more now I know.

    Has anybody any advice on geting these two resprayed professionally to match the originals exactly? any recommended places in South Wales and approx costs etc.

    Pics attached if they work ~ the diff is minimal, but what do you lot think? what would you do?



    Last edited: Jul 5, 2012
  2. lgooch

    lgooch Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Plenty of places can refurb them. But I would get all four done then at least they will all match. Will probably cost you about 200 quid.

    You could also refurb them yourself if you are handy with rattle cans. I have done plenty and would cost you about 50 quid for the materials to do it.

    Here is the results.

  3. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    contact N8 on here
  4. A1DEYB

    A1DEYB Well-Known Member

    Put the two lightest on one side and the two darker on the other! No one will ever know, it's not as if you can compare both sides at a time because you can't see all four wheels!
  5. chris.vincent3

    chris.vincent3 Own a BMW now, HOWEVER I still own VCDS! VCDS Map User

    what aiden said ^
  6. carl-1968

    carl-1968 A4 sold, lots of bits available, ask for details

    I brought a set of 4 copies and had them done for £40 each, the paint was £110 per litre so fully refurbed for £270, now just need those 19" tyres!!, but agree with the previous comment :)
  7. pazaz

    pazaz Member

    Cheers for the replies

    Putting the two slightly darker on the one side makes sense, but wanted the unsprayed wheels on the fronts. As these will have more of an hiding and be easier to clean. The sprayed ones are slightly rougher finish and im sure will be much harder to clean.

    Not to worry thats now the plan rather than getting the two resprayed professionally.

    Just hope they stand up to the test of time. If not will have to look at getting the done further down the line.
  8. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    Give them a decent coat of wax and they should be easy to clean. A journey out in this weather at the moment they'll all look the same anyway!
  9. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    I'd still go down this route... No one will ever know!

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