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New MODS for A3T

razor Jan 28, 2004

  1. razor

    razor New Member

    Hi there every one.

    Ok I have the following mods that I want to get done this year.

    1. New DV to replace OEM one. ( Not to sure on what make yet)
    2. New front mounted air intercooler to replace OEM one.
    3. Complete new front bumper and grill. (RS4 Look)

    I need some input on the DV, I really like the "snake" sound that some of the DV's make but dont know if it will give more turbo lagg or make the turbo work overtime.

    I was in London and Devicers over christmas and new year, but did not see many "DONE UP" Audi's. All the A3's I saw still had the OEM exhaust systems. I did see 2 RS6 Avants and some A4T's but mostley A4 TDI's and A3 TDI's.


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