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New member!

Syncopix Jan 3, 2010

  1. Syncopix

    Syncopix OEM+

    Hey guys!

    I have spent most of the morning reading over posts on here and you seem like a decent bunch so I thought I would join!

    Yesterday I bought a black 2004 (04 plate) B6 A4 Avant Sport with the 130 BHP diesel engine and 90k on the clock. All going well I should be picking it up Wednesday so I will get some pictures of it as soon as it arrives!

    It is replacing a tired VW Bora that had a lot of OEM modifications on it.

    Initial plans for the A4 are:

    Clutch upgrade
    Finding some way to integrate my iPhone and iPod with the standard stereo

    Anyway, that's about it for now!
  2. glossy555

    glossy555 Member

    welcome along lad!!
    sounds good well wear with it!
  3. :sign_welcome:

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