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New Member with some questions for S3 8P...

gnic13 Nov 27, 2009

  1. gnic13

    gnic13 Audi S3 8V

    Hi Guys,
    New here , so go easy on me!!
    I am just lookin for some advice and also a good , relaible parts source outwith Audi direct...
    Firstly, i am wondering what plugs you recommend when doing spark plug change on standard car??
    I am also wondering if any of you have fitted dump valves and if so any recommended make/model etc...
    Lastly, looking to replace the Xenon light washer unit that pops out the bumper on the drivers side...Contacted Audi who say to replace the whole unit when i just need one of the small plastic balls that the water travels through i.e directed onto the light...Hope this makes sense...

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