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new member with a big problem

cyrustv May 20, 2011

  1. cyrustv

    cyrustv New Member

    hi i have just joined this forum so i apologise if i am not doing this right but here is my problem .i own a 2003 audi a4 1.9tdi estate it runs like a dream until you hit 70mph then it pulls back and loses acceleration as it slows down if you change down the gears and try to increase speed there is nothing there .if i pull over to the side of the road switch the engine off and restart again everything is fine and the acceleration is there again please help its doing my head in
  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Welcome to the forum. If you start a new thread in the A4 B6 section I'm sure they'll be someone there to help you.
  3. Stiggles

    Stiggles Top Gear!

    Hi mate you should have your intercooler and the clips checked, I had this problem with my golf 1.9tdi after I got it re-mapped, when i accelerated black smoke came out of the exhaust.

    Once I got up to around 65-70 like you the power died and I would have to turn the car off and back on to get the power back!
  4. 0094

    0094 New Member

    First job is get it on VAG COM sounds like you've got an over boost problem most likely due to clogged VNT. VAG COM can force the actuator to move without engine runing. If it doesn't move freely a shap tap with a nylon hammer normally kicks it into life. Followed by a good thrash to clear the Vanes. Steven. Home - SJM Autos
  5. cuprajake

    cuprajake Member

    if that doesnt work you can clean the turbo veins in situe with a product called innotec, its about £40 and it a three stage process that can work good too,

    then when your clean block the egr valve off haha

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