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New member seeks advice

m-paul Sep 25, 2006

  1. m-paul

    m-paul New Member

    Hi, my name is Paul and this is my first post so please go easy:)

    Ok, so first off I know I should:rtfm: but this is regarding a new car purchase for my dad.

    Basically I am a total 100%, fully paid up utter petrol head and as such always seek to find the best car with the required options for my dad within a certain remit who enjoys driving but prefers for me to help spec up the car.

    He currently drives a 2002 BMW 318ci and as he has only 18 months until retirement he is getting his last company car with a view to retaining it when he finally ditches the 9-5:30.

    So, he has decided on an A3 sportback in mauritius blue pearl with the 140ps TDi lump. I decided he should go for the sline, looks very smart.

    We have gone for the following options:
    Rear acoustic parking
    Electric folding mirrors
    Interior light pack
    Front centre armrest
    Through load system
    Non smoking pack
    First aid kit
    Storage pack
    3-spoke sline m/f steering wheel
    CD changer
    DVD satnav

    Now this is where my total lack of Audis comes into play. In my own car I have electric front seats and the drivers seat has a memory function which is superb as my wife drives my car a fair bit. I notice that Audi does either an electric drivers or both drivers and passengers seats with electrics. My question is do either of these options have drivers memory function as it isn't clear. If not then I think there is little point in specing them on the car but if there is a memory function then as my mum will also be driving the car it will be a real bonus.

    Thankyou for any help.
  2. raymie

    raymie 6 pot AP

    hello and :sign_welcome:
  3. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3

    I've no idea on the seats tbh but what I would say is go for the 170PS engine.

    Considering how much the car is going to cost (well to the company anyway) it seems madness not to go the extra £800-odd to get the more powerful engine.
  4. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Sounds like you are going to have to teach your family how to pull lever .........lol
    170 option does sound the way to go especially for the cost involved

    Hello and Welcome to the site (please refrain from mentioning the forbidden word.......BMW)..........lol
  5. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member

    No idea on the seats but welcome to the forum :)
  6. m-paul

    m-paul New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome:thumbsup:

    The 140ps gets him in a lower tax bracket and to be honest he does drive like miss daisy:laugh: so it really is the best all round engine though if it were my car I totally agree and would go down the 170ps route, well no, I would go down the 3.2 route!! However, I could of course 'borrow' the car and sprinkle a little remap magic on it one afternoon. Haven't seen an sline sportback yet but they look a lovely car.

    Sorry about the forbidden word, guess i shouldn't mention what I drive then:shutup2:

    Hopefully I will get to the bottom of the memory or no memory issue. Will probably drive down to the local Audi dealership tomorrow.
  7. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3

    Ok so the 140 is a whole 1% lower on the BIK tax front but even assuming he's a higher-rate tax payer that equates to all of £8 a month!

    Still, if he's not too bothered about performance I spose the 140 would do the job for him just as well.

    Going to the dealer is the only way you're going to resolve the seat issue but only if they have one in stock you can check as I wouldn't believe whatever they told me :)

    BTW, please don't tell us you have a 1 series ;)
  8. m-paul

    m-paul New Member

    Agree there, dealers don't half come out with it at times.

    I guess you guys aren't fans of the *** cars then. Yup, got a 1 series but that is my wifes car, drives great though but I appreciate that looks are totally subjective and a personal choice. Was more of a lifestyle choice as she had a 3 series before but what with two small kids and a dog it was becoming a real issue not having a hatchback for the mutt:sorry: . Could have looked at the A3 but we both enjoy the RWD balance But if everyone chose the same the world would be a boring place. My own car is an E46 M3, again I know probably not to 99.9% of the forum members tastes but there we go. I had always wanted one and as I go to the ring it was a natural choice for me.

    Looking forward to seeing the Audi and giving it some stick though, only driven the A4 RS model so this should be a good comparison for our 1 series. Still wish he would go for the higher output engine but considering at one point he wanted the 1.9 TDi then I think I have struck a fantastic compromise in the 2.0 sline. How does the mauritius blue look, never sen one so again, hoping they may have one in the colour in their second hand stock to look at.

    I fully expect a ban now for owning two of the 'other sides' cars :whistle2:
  9. beerglass

    beerglass Member

  10. ren

    ren Member

    hi. again - i'm no use as i don't know about the seat memory. (there is no electric seat option on the 3dr) but what i do know is that each key you have remembers the aircon settings. handier than it sounds. i agree with the others - could you not get your dad drunk/hypnotised and make him go for the 170?! although i see you're not going for any phone prep, i see you're going for the mfsw and this is to let you know that there is a bluetooth option which isn't listed in any brochure or online tool ... much to my chagrin. if you have no phone prep, the mfsw will have a useless button and this has caused me untold and utterly disproportionate grief!!
    the light/rain sensor is also really good and something which i know people of my dad's generation like even more than i do. is this part of your hidden spec as part of the sline or did you opt out of this? the 'get me home / get me to the car' lights are good too and i don't kow if these are standard or part of the light/rain sensor pack.

    have fun ... even though you aren't speccing it for yourself!
  11. m-paul

    m-paul New Member

    Hmm, bluetooth, have that in my car and it is invaluable but I must admit, the old man hates his mobile and takes any excuse not to answer it when in the car as he currently has no in car kit so I suspect that he will not be interested. I find it odd that the 2 door car doesn't have the electric seat function as an option :think: . Also though about the light and rain sensor. With regard to the rain sensor, can you leave it on and forget about it so that when it rains you litterally don't have to do anything and the wipers just do their thing? On the *** you have to put the wiper stalk into the intermittant position to activate the rain sensor but when the car is switched off the function is lost, and by that I mean that the wiper stalk needs to be put into the off position and then back into intermittent to reactivate the function, handy whilst working though i agree.

    Beerglass, very nice looking car you have there, any interior shots?

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