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New member saying hello.

8cylinder Mar 22, 2008

  1. 8cylinder

    8cylinder Member

    Hi my names jay and thought i would register as i have been looking at this forum for a while and thought i would join today.
    Brief car history audi coupe 2.0e,traded that in for a focus :think:then bought a seat leon fr tdi 150,was a good car but i like my revs and well diesels dont have enough of them,so this was sold and i bought a vw golf v6 4motion,which i have just recently sold and bought my 1999 audi a6 avant quattro 4.2 v8.:meeting:
    Only drove it breifly as it is needing a timing belt put on it so will be off the road until then.
    Cant wait to get a good run out in it.
    Anyways i like the look of the site and i hope to have a good chat to some of u guys.
    Cheers jay.:salute:
  2. 8cylinder

    8cylinder Member

    Cheers,havent been able to enjoy the car yet as i said it needs a timing belt on it but i am sure i will when its on the road.
    Less than 2 weeks to wait now woohoo!:applaus:

    They seem to be a bit of a rarity a 4.2 in a a6.
  3. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

    Welcome to the forum mate
  4. bollo_nl

    bollo_nl New Member

    welcome mate

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