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new member,new car,new pics

Karlos the Avant May 27, 2009

  1. hello all,
    I thought it was a bit rude of me to start posting without introducing myself and my car.

    Im Karl in south yorkshire area, My new car is a 1997 A4 18t Avant in lime greenish, Love the car and love the way it handles very well {me likes lol}
    bit of a step down from my old Evo4 450bhp but couldnt afford to have the fuel tanker following about all time lol.

    anyway love the site and here is a few pics of my A4, fitted new 17" wheels,new grill,i have tinted the rear windows, just in proccess of doing custom retrim in dark greenish leather{will take a few pics as i do more trim}fitted dash mount boost gauge.

    next on shopping list twin 5" stainless custom made if poss either side but poss just in norm position due to fuel tank position{ideas very welcome}
    [​IMG][​IMG]more pics to come soon but not a bad start:yahoo:
  2. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    Twin 5"!!!!

    The 600bhp+ S4/RS4's aren't running more than 2.5-3" dual systems.

    Think you'll be fine with something a bit more sensible.
  3. there is madnes in that plan is that i got 2x5" stainless back boxes for a few penny's and now it will give me money for cat back stainless 3" system.
    bit over the top on the back boxes i know but one does like to wind my lovely people in my street up who moan if i beep the horn {sad little people they are}and it wont bother me as i will be tucked inside with custom sound system already built in{what the realy love lol}.
    it more anoyance level than bhp gain to be honest lol, but know were ya coming from
  4. BBSparky

    BBSparky Amateur Spanner Monkey

    Welcome to the site and also to the paradise green club! :D

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