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New member - need some buying advice on a couple of A3 DSG 3,2 Q 05/06

Xaurus Dec 14, 2009

  1. Xaurus

    Xaurus New Member

    Hello everyone, been reading here for a while but need some advice now.

    There are 2 different 3.2's I've been looking at (not driven anyone of them yet) and the first one is a 2005 and has run 99000 km (not sure what that converts to in miles, I am not living in the UK). The second one is a 2006 and has run 67900 km.

    Car #1 comes with Xenon headlights, sun roof, roof rails (? for example to put a ski box on) and winter wheels and except for those 4 things the cars are similarly equipped. It is priced at 159.000 SEK (swedish kroner) and car #2 is priced at 189.000 SEK. Don't mind if this is expensive or cheap overall, this is the price point in Sweden. Just consider the difference in price between the two. Maybe someone can convert it to UK £ ?

    Both of them is a 3.2 Quattro with the DSG box.

    The first thing that I don't like about car #1 is that is has run so much longer. Is that really bad? It's eaten about 33% more road than car #2.

    Both of these cars are sold by stores, it's not private.

    How durable are these cars? And is there any big/expensive things that needs to be changed at around 100000 km? I am not an expert on cars, to say the least. Quite the contrary.

    All input is welcome!

    Best Regards,
  2. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    So thats £14k and 60k miles
    and £16.5k and 43k miles

    Both of these are expensive and i would want at least a 1year Audi guarantee with either. If the price is good in Sweden go for the lower mileage every time. At 40k miles it should have had its gearbox oil and diff oil changed and this is important and must be done. make sure both have a full service history. you should not see any problems on this car that you would not expect on any car.
    Drive it and make sure it pulls away smoothly. Gearchanges should be almost un-noticeable.
    Its a quality car and with a good guarantee as a safe guard you should be fine.

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