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new member, lots and lots of questions

kwakman Dec 31, 2010

  1. kwakman

    kwakman New Member

    Hi everybody, i'm in the process of buying a 1986 audi coupe, its the quattro equipped normally aspirated 5pot.As I have loved these cars since i first clapped eyes (and ears!)on them, as well as the rs2 avant, this is quite an event in my automotive career.the main questions I have refer to the fitment of an s2 blown 20valve five, ie is the normally aspirated 4wd system identical to the blown quattro, and if not how does it differ? or does anyone have any experience of supercharging the norm aspirated 5? my aim is a street sleeper that blows the doors off modern soulless cars, but i have a lot of model specific knowledge to accumulate. my other vehicle is a 1986 Kawasaki KX500 2 stroke, which I am currently rebuilding after porting and going the whole 9 yards on.as its not far from being done, the coupe is my next mission. i thank you uin advance for taking the time to reply and for any questions i ask which you have answered many times, as I regularly find myself doing this on the kx site, but knowledge is for sharing in my opinion.A happy new year to you all, john.

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