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New Member in Gloucester.

Smeds Sep 3, 2013

  1. Smeds

    Smeds Active Member

    Evening All,

    PXed my TT Roadster for an A3 at the weekend and after a few google searches for some little issues I came on here, went to register and found I already was so thought I'd say hi.

    Was gutted to be getting rid of the TT but love the A3 so far, it's a 57 plate 140 TDi. There are a few little issues to rectify and a handful of changes I'd like to make to it, nothing major. I get all my work done by TRD in Stroud, have really looked after me and the TT over the last couple of years so staying in an Audi was paramount.

    I'll try searching for the issues I've got and if I find nothing I'll get a new thread up.


  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Hi smeds, welcome to audi-sport.net. Have a read of the faqs thread in the A3 8P section. Enjoy the forum:) x
  3. Smeds

    Smeds Active Member

    Thank you Sandra!

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