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New member from S.W. Scotland...

G111MDS Oct 9, 2008

  1. G111MDS

    G111MDS Member

    Hi, I'm Jamie from Ayr. Now on my 5th Audi. started in 2001 with a 1997 (P) Ochre A3 1.6 Sport, then on to an Ebony Black 2000 (W) A3 110 TDi Sport, then 1999 (V) A4 TDI SE avant, then a 2002 (02) A4 TDI 130 Sport Avant and finally a 2002 (02) A2 TDi 75.




    The A2 has been a great wee car for commuting over the last 18 months with regular high 60's mpg whilst giving reasonable performance.

    The new year will see my commuting distance reduce and planning on either an S3 or A3 S-line. Time will tell...


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