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New member, engine bust

Rombus Jul 10, 2010

  1. Rombus

    Rombus New Member

    Alright guys, my 2006 A4 2L TFSI quattro engine (code BWE) has given up on me. So need to replace it, but before I settle for a straight swap I have been looking for info on whether the S3 engine would workor not.

    So, does anyone know whether it wouldwork or not. I guess i'd need the FMIC from the s3 as well, would i need the ecu and loom also?

    Just looking at my options, what about an S4 engine, is that a possibility?

    Any info or other suggestions would be great

  2. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic S-line owners group

    I would go for the S4 engine, it's a far better fit. Just remember to take the ECU, & instrument cluster and keys. Sorry cannot comment on the S3 engine.
  3. DTM1

    DTM1 Member

    when you say given up what do you mean exactly m8?

    what miles also?
  4. Rombus

    Rombus New Member

    Seems like the oil pump has been intermitingly working(possible sticky relief valve), had some issues with the oil pressure light coming on, had it checked out acouple times but oil pump was never picked up on. Don't do major miles on it now so never really been getting a long enough run for the pressure to be building enough for warning light to eventually come on hence alot of damage done to engine.

    Alot of scoring to cams and followers etc, obviously new pump needed (so engine out job anyway) also and possibly more damage in bottom end etc. Getting into garage this week to check it out properly but need to weigh up my options, fix what's in or buy reconditioned engine. Neither will be cheap.

    Car is on 108,000 miles.
  5. jey

    jey Member

    youd need to upgrade alot of things on the car to cope with the big v8's power! suspension etc, chassi on an s4 is upgraded. wouldnt bother with it myself. a 2.0T fsi engine or 3.0tdi would be my choice, if u really want an s4 scrap your car an buy one and have the confidence its set up correctly...
  6. Rombus

    Rombus New Member

    Think i've settled on either having my engine rebuilt or a reconditioned one. Just got a little carried away with myself with wild ideas lol.

    Mine has a generic map and was more than happy with it, but having looked around the forum it seems I could get a decent bit more power for relatively small amount of work so will head down that route.

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