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New member 1.8t help???????????

dubxx Jan 17, 2005

  1. dubxx

    dubxx New Member

    Hi i own a mk4 golf and i want a a3 1.8t next, whats mods can i do with the 1.8t?

    and how much would it cost me?
    i was thinking of getting the a3 and flushing the door handles, and flushing the bumpers for the euro look, also i have a set of 8 by 18 wheels, would i need to roll the arches alot? or at all?
  2. jediknight

    jediknight Member

    the standard 1.8t can be clipped easily to about 220 bhp.

    if the suspension is anything like the standard s3 then it will need upgrading alot! upgraded springs, dampers for a start and maybe upgraded ARB's

    18x8" will fit with no mods no problems.

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