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New Key Needed, Help Please :)

Adam-f May 5, 2011

  1. Adam-f

    Adam-f Member

    When i bought my A3 it only came with one key, the dealer who i bought it off said the previous owner has lost the spare key. After looking in the manual it says your suppose to have 2 keys and a keyring with the key number on i haven't got that either do i need it fora new key ?

    Any idea how much a new key all coded etcc is from Audi ?

  2. nelson19uk

    nelson19uk There's no poke without smoke!

    Audi charge about £160 - £180 for a new key. I had the same problem when I bought mine. I was fortunate in that the dealer I bought it from paid the vat and half the value so I only paid £60.
  3. crapo

    crapo New Member

    When I bought recently from a dealer I was in the same position. The dealer provided a spare key free of charge (although it took a while). The car is now booked in to have the key coded next week (at a more local dealer than the one I bought from) and was quoted £72 for the job. The original dealer have said they'll reimburse this cost.

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