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New Interior

Inskip75 Feb 17, 2014

  1. Inskip75

    Inskip75 Member

    Only been looking for about 3 years for an RS6 interior to match my beige interior - and this cream one appears on ebay - its not exactly the right colour but I decided its as good as I'll ever get, I think it looks ok?
    Now the door cards are like this - black and cream - anyone ever stripped panels down so I could swap cream bit over? Not essential but could be an option.
    Just wondering if its too much hassle to do this - I've not had a look yet only put the fronts in yesterday - also needs centre rear belt swapping - I have read this is ok to do so I think I'll give this a go.
  2. Dan95x

    Dan95x Member

    Hi Mate,

    The centre parts 'can' be swapped over, but it is both brutal and risky! I only know this as my passenger side door lock seized closed with the door card on, and I had to destroy the card to get it off. I decided to go in through the centre section, so that I could at least swap that onto a new card.

    They are plastic welded on the rear, so if you are careful, you can basically go around the edge of the centre section, and break the plastic welds, allowing the centre section to come out. On mine at least, they are strong all together, but each individually plastic welded 'bit' is quite weak, so they can be broken without too much buggering up of the door card. I have not fully formulated how I am going to fix it back on to the replacement one yet, but I am thinking along the lines of fibreglass matting on the back as it is unseen anyway.

    Definitely do-able, but a faff - depends how desperate you are for it all to match?

    On a side note, if you get the centre section out of the passenger side front without any damage to the rest of the door card, assuming the rest of the door card is black as it appears in the photos, I will buy it off you if you fancy selling it to me? I still need a none-knackered one to fix my centre section into so that the car is whole again!

    Seats look great too!

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  3. Inskip75

    Inskip75 Member

    Hi Dan,

    I've had a quick look at the door panels tonight and you are right about the construction - don't think I'll bother splitting them but will reserve judgement until the rear seats are fitted. This will probably be at the weekend, although with the centre black seat belt still fitted as can't see me getting a beige one before then - don't want to take the original seats to bits just to swap seat belts.

    Not sure what to I'll do with existing leather seats or the door cards yet.


  4. Ben jah min

    Ben jah min Member

    Id be tempted to re-colour to match whats already in. Furniture Clinic - Leather Care Cleaner, Furniture Repair & Restoration do awesome kits to match/ refurb leathers and I've seen some great results from people using their kits - you send them a small snippet of leather from under the seat / behind the door card and they will match your colour.

    Have a look at their youtube vids for more info!


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