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New ignition barrel and starter motor and alternator - now have headlight issues?

rossohlen Sep 26, 2011

  1. rossohlen

    rossohlen New Member

    Since having the ignition barrel and starter motor replaced on my 1997 1.9 tdi A4, I have an issue with the headlights in that when I indicate LEFT, the main / high beams come ON.

    Note: this only happens when the headlight switch is in the 'on' position (i.e. normal lights are on) and only when indicating left. The normal operation of both the indicators and the headlights (ordinary and high beam) and the battery charging is not affected. Also, the fog light button doesn't illuminate - I don't know if this is connected?

    I've been told this is likely to be an 'earth' problem, but I was hoping someone with some expertise could help me with where to start looking? I don't know if any of the components I have changed are connected to the lights?

  2. Geeman

    Geeman Low Life

    I have a similar problem, but only when the lights are on too. Indicate right and the high beam activates!

    I fitted a cruise control stalk, and this is the result (and cruise doesn't bloody work!).

    I can flash the main beams, but pushing the stalk forwards to activate it doesn't work.


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