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New home cinema reciever

johnmandy Nov 20, 2011

  1. johnmandy

    johnmandy Member

    At the moment i have a pioneer receiver, analog only, but want to delve into the digital age.
    I currently watch all blu-ray/ dvd/ freesat sport on my projector, i,m really looking for 2xhdmi's out.
    Now the second point, i need something up to the job, but really want to spend as little as possible, nearly a £1000 for the last one, to be left gathering dust is the reason why.
    I,ve done a bit of research on the net, but it all seems a bit too much to take in, so if you have any views, i would be greatful.

    thanks john
  2. andyjmac

    andyjmac New Member

    Sony make some good amps with hdmi's in/out and are good value for money.

    But it depends on your budget,

    Onkyo are rocking some pretty good stuff at the moment, not a well known brand but they top quality amps!
  3. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    I've recently bought a Yamaha RX V767 for a similar reason to you as I wanted HDMI switching and decoding of the HD sound formats.

    I'm really impressed with it actually, especially considering the cost. I like you paid a small fortune for my old recevier about 5 years ago and this one cost less than half the price but is miles better in terms of functions and more importantly the sound quality even on standard 5.1.

    If you're not too fussed about power (or rather don't need it to drive your speakers) then there other models with similar spec with lower power rating for less than £300 now I believe.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2011
  4. johnmandy

    johnmandy Member


    Thanks to you both,
    i'll do some digging about, but will we be working to a tight budget, need to do some mod work on my quattro.

    thanks again john
  5. xs2man

    xs2man Member

    The problem you are going to find is that getting 2 HDMI outs costs money. You can get a great amp for £500 or less (My Onkyo 609 is less than £500 and is amazing). But to get 2 x HDMI out will not be achievable at this budget (I believe).

    Onkyo do excellent amps at the moment as said above. I'm on my 3rd. That may not sound great in that I am on 3 already. My first one I had for about 5 years and didn't want to swap it but going 3d put the kaibosh on keeping it. However, I bought 2 x 609's recently so I could have one in the cinema room and one in the lounge.

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