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New Here, Pics of ride

jballz86 Nov 1, 2004

  1. jballz86

    jballz86 New Member

    Hey guys whats up, just stumbled across this site while looking for a 20vt for my coupe i purchased at the beginning of this month.

    http://rendyx.rh.rit.edu/Photos/audi/ pics there, sorry they are a bit large.

    But here is some info on the new ride:
    1990 Audi Coupe Quattro
    144k miles
    Compustar 2WSSR 2 way alarm/remote start
    RS2 bumper with 993 fogs
    RS2 grill
    RS2 badge
    RS2 rings
    B4 hood
    Morrette round headlights
    Erebuni wing
    2B coil over suspension
    TAP chip
    K&N cone
    Stebro exhaust
    Also the BBS' pictured are no longer on the car, replaced with Mille Miglia F20 17" wheels w/ Falken Azenis Sport 225/45/17 tires

    I've only had the car about a month and i absolutly love it. I had purchased a 2002 R1 a couple weeks before this and this has me wanting to sell the bike and dump all the money into her! If any can help me out on getting information on the 20vt's it'd be greatly appreciated, I'm new to this whole Audi thing post away!
  2. Anito

    Anito Member

    welcome matey.

    Don't dump the bike, that's a nice tool too
  3. jballz86

    jballz86 New Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Anito said:
    welcome matey.

    Don't dump the bike, that's a nice tool too

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yeah that;s true, I really don't see myself getting rid of the bike. It's quite a step up from the zx6-r but it sure makes for some fun on the track, not quite as agile but make for some fun coming out of the turns /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif

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