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New Headunit Settings for Audi Bose?

wilko Jul 4, 2009

  1. wilko

    wilko Top Gear

    I have recently purchased and installed a Sony CDX-GT930UI headunit and it's in and working great thanks to the guys at Rudie-mods! I have found some interesting setting on the menus which I'm not overly sure about what to change them to to suit the Bose setup I have installed in my A3. Any anyone assist?

    The settings are:

    Subwoofer Tune & LFP; Phase - Options "normal" or "reverse"
    Cut-off Frequency - Options "80Hz" "100Hz" "120Hz" "140Hz" "160Hz" or "off"
    Level - Optons "+10dB" "0dB" "-10dB"

    HPF & Speaker Select; Speaker - Options "All" "Front" "Rear"
    Cut-off Frequency - Options ""80Hz" "100Hz" "120Hz" "140Hz" "160Hz" or "off"

    DM+ Advanced - Options "on" "off"

    I can also customize the equalizer curve. Low, Med & Hi.

    If anyone has any experience of any of the above using the same or similar setup please let me know.

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