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New head needed for my S3 - brand new, or second hand?

Greggers Jul 23, 2007

  1. Greggers

    Greggers Member

    The engine's out of my S3, and the bottom end is salvageable (had no compression in 3 or 4, v little in 1 & 2, there was loads of sh!te in the sump - metal & plastic (latter from the cambelt tensioner, which got destroyed)), thankfully....the head, however, is mince (8 valves bent).

    I've been quoted £1416 incl vat, for a brand new head (exchanged with mine), with new cams, plus £100 for head bolts & gaskets. I've also seen an apparently 18,000 mile head for £450.

    Now, there's lots of other work being done on the car to get it running again (timing belt & kit, turbo re-build, new clutch, oil pump, re-map, wheel re-furb....phew!), so, do I save a grand, or is buying second hand heads just too dodgy?

    Appreciate any advice, in a bit of a quandry...

  2. PlebbyChris

    PlebbyChris Complete Pleb

    Depends where you've seen the second-hand head. If it's from a reputable dealer then a head with 18,000 miles shouldn't be a problem and you can always inspect the wear on it. Whereas, if you saw it on eBay from a bloke with 3 feedback asking for cash on delivery ................. hmmm.

    Personally I'd be inclined to check out the second-hand one and see what state it's in, but I should think it'd be in fairly good nick.
  3. Greggers

    Greggers Member

    Sounds about right Chris - it's the kind of thing you want to know you're buying off of someone sound, cos of the amount of things that could be wrong with it.

    Found myself a complete, newly built engine last week, hoping that it's a good un!


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