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new guy with a4 :)

RyU Jul 14, 2008

  1. RyU

    RyU New Member

    hey all, should be getting my 03 A$ 2.5 tdi in the next week or so....cant wait!!!!
    i found this site through google :) not many audi owners sites are there? seems to be the best one with most activity and most helpful that i have found so far...
    loving some of the cars on here! been a silent member for a week nearly i think!

    anyways, i couldnt find a section for this question so why not here? mods please redirect me if it shoudl be in another section..

    anyone ever had a car new with a private plate but then wanted to take the plate off to put on another car?

    i have been told that the best way to do it with minimal F*** ups is to put the plate on retention and then put it onto the other car when i have it.

    any ideas how long it would take to do the part of taking it off the new car and having a normal registration assigned to it?

    many thanks
  2. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    Hey, :sign_welcome:

    I have had one on retention... think it cost me about £105 all in with the £25 for retention and the £80 transfer fee. You need a ...urm... V777 I think... check the dvla site. You get to keep it on retention for a year but I guess you'll have a new car by then.

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