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New from Newcastle seeking advice please.

Andy-Hep Jul 6, 2012

  1. Andy-Hep

    Andy-Hep New Member

    Hi folks, new to the site and came here having had some great advice on the RB5 forum. They seem to be the way forward for me.

    Anyway looking to get an Audi A4 Avant. Through research over the past few weeks i have narrowed my search down

    Looking for an avant and have now decided a 1.9 rather than the 2.5

    Would like a quattro version, why i dont know other than for the odd bit snow we get.

    Would like it to have the Bose system as a must

    Would want it to be in the grey colour

    as for interior leather or alcantara would be nice but could live with a cloth poverty model lol

    Now the bit im unsure on is i set my heart on the 2004/2005 pre face lift model as i really like the look of them. However having searched for the above prices seem to be around that of the 2006/2007 s line new shape. WHY?

    is the 2004 model better than the new model or am i better off with the latter?

    Also if you have a 2004 Grey A4 Avant 1.9tdi Quattro with Leather and Bose in nice condition just forget about answering the questions and get in touch, my wallets red hot lol

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