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New Forum Member

claytow Mar 9, 2006

  1. claytow

    claytow Member

    Hi there guys,

    Just joined the forum. Have just bought a W reg Audi S6 Saloon 4.2 V8.. I think its the nuts.. Am looking for a bunch of great guys to help me out with a couple of things. Is it possible if I post my questions any of you might be able to help?

    I'll start of easy ones.

    1X rear fog light has bulb gone and cant figure out how to get at it. Guess its through the lining but cant see how its held on and dont want to just pull in case I rip it.

    Can you get replacement key buttons for the 3 button key apart from the Osir things. Do audi do them as I cant find them anywhere.


    All forums seem to have the 4.2 down as a 32v motor at 326bhp but mine is supposed to be 40v and 340. It certainly says 5v on the engine cover. What mocel is the 40v? is it the C5?

    Any help would be appreciated... still have questions but though I would break you in gently /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Hopw to visit here often.

    Till next time /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
  2. mickey_a6

    mickey_a6 Member

    Hey Bluk, welcome. S6 is indeed the pup's - jealous!

    Can't answer your second point, but UK A6s (and presume S6s) have only 1 rear fog lamp - the other is a dummy.

    Hope this helps.


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