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New engine running in procedure

neilmac Mar 25, 2013

  1. neilmac

    neilmac New Member

    So Friday just past I have finally had the good news I have been waiting a month for , I am getting a brand new engine from audi
    Because my water pump collapsed after 8 months of using it this was obviously a faulty part , it's been a long month not having a car and has been alot of threats of legal action to get them to admit liability , the upside is they have now ordered a brand new engine for me and this leaves me with some money to spend on my car :) was looking at getting a remap and exhaust but obviously I don't think a remap straight away on a new engine would be sensible so was wondering if anyone knew how long and how many miles etc i should wait ? Also any advice on what's best for my engine at this stage would be helpful
  2. DJ-S3

    DJ-S3 Active Member

    What is your car for starters? Audi obviously but....?
  3. neilmac

    neilmac New Member

    A3 2wd 2.0t 2007
  4. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    mate 300-500 miles and you can play around with it, just dont rev it from cold and you'll be fine. All the engines nowadays are ran in from factory

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