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CharlieT Jan 26, 2008

  1. CharlieT

    CharlieT New Member


    I’m hoping someone can help me. The engine on my S3 (210bhp) recently died. Long story, but had turbo changed (by a garage I would trust), and a week later the big end bearing seized, due I believe to the oil pump failing. BTW everything was completely standard, including the new turbo, which was straight replacement as recommended by local main dealer.

    Had someone look at the engine, and after stripping it down they originally said – rebuild it! However, having looked into this they’ve said prob cheaper to get new engine. Obviously I can get an APY engine out of another S3, but was wondering if any other engines would fit straight in ie the 225bhp from an S3 or TT, or even the Cupra one??

    Not only am I worried about the actual mechanics of everything working, but the any physical differences – ie the fixings to the engine bay etc. Also, I have 1 week old turbo (which wouldn’t have been damaged when the engine went- would it????) which I’d obviously like to re-use as it wasn’t cheap, and from what I’ve researched I’d need a different turbo for a 225bhp engine?

    Any idea’s/advise would be great, as would advise on where to source a new engine. I’ve seen one on e-bay, but if a 225bhp will fit (with no probs!) then I have a wider market to shop in!!! Also, depending on mileage, what sort of price should I expect to pay? I was thinking about £800 for 60K mile engine, give or take a bit.

    Apologies for the long-windedness, but thought I’d try and cover everything in the 1st post!

  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Physically all the other s3/tt/LCR engines will fit. There are a few differences between the APY and the later engines. Eg, yours has one less lambda probe, different emissions control. Nothing that can't be got round though.
    However, I would try to stick with the APY engine code as a change would be classed as a modification and you would need to inform your insurance and it may cause the car to be difficult to sell on.

    I would get some second opinions on rebuild prices. If its just a big end, and it was caught early, then you probably won't need a crank re-grind etc. So I assume the guy is just talking about the labour charge to take it all apart.
    Again, if just a bearing / oil pump issue, the rest of the engine should be fine as long as it wasn't driven too far or overheated. The turbo should be fine.
  3. jcb

    jcb Active Member VCDS Map User

    I would be more concerned about WHY the pump failed. As they are non service items they are meant to last. I am always suspicious of things that die shortly after work done by other people.

    Why was the turbo changed? coked bearings? how often do you change oil?

    depending on your insurance company a straight "short block" (bottom end) swap won't change your insurance regardless of engine code. The only thing my ins. company would do me for is a increasing the performance with a larger inlet head or lumpier cams with a non standard engine.
    you may as well change the timing belt and anything else you can whilst its out. whipping the head of an engine will allow you to check it over for any internal issues (signs of detonation, decoke it, etc) and to keep you original head (showing the engine code)

    So long as you match whatever the new block is from to the same compression ratio (9.0:1 IIRC) on yours you should be fine.

    that said if you can get a 60k S3 engine for £600 let me know.
    the breaker I use just sold one on eBay for £750 from a prefacelift B5 (at least 1999) and he thought he might have priced it too low.

    you can sell on your old engine to get some money back. or keep it and strip it to learn a bit about the engine, may even find you can fix it yourself if as htc says that the crank is in good shape. not rocket science if you do the homework and get a few tools

    long anwer to a short question
  4. Jon T-W

    Jon T-W New Member

    What was the mileage when your turbo went and what was the cause for it going.

    Was it reconditioned or a brand new one.

    The new turbo should be fine, but it depend what the engine was doing when it went. That also has a factor on how salvageable the engine is.

    Recently I have seen a few cars listed for sale with new or recon engines in them?

    Does this happen often to the 1.8t engines often? for some reason the sellers aren't responding to my why questions.

    You might be able to get a recon engine keep your and fix it if you have time and patience and the rest.. Then sell it recon and save yourself a lot. It Won't be easy to test the engine unless you have a spare dynamo etc.

  5. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    I would get a rebuild personally, i'd only buy a second hand engine if you can hear it running and maybe even drive the car its in (although unlikely when buying an S3 engine I would assume)

    I was stung when I bought a "mint engine" a couple of years ago, once I put it in and fired it up it sounded like an 80's cvh and leaked oil form everywhere you can imagine.

    Was also slow as you like.

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