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New EGR problem and front bumper problems

Wrath Apr 19, 2014

  1. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    So had an issue driving back from Ripon yesterday where the car had big problems accelerating around the 2000 rev mark. Engine light came on. Luckily B5Nut was in and VCDS showed a fault with the EGR. Only cleaned it a year ago so thought it was odd.

    Took it off this morning and the main black cog is worn so the other cogs don't touch it. Cost of a new EGR from TPS? Over £270! Ebay it is.

    I thought I'd have a look at the intercooler pipe so went to take the front bumper off. Unfortunately, the repair shop must have used a tw*t to fiddle with the bumper as the two screws either side of the main grille have sheared off and I can't get the screw at the top middle of the grille out as it just keeps going round. Any ideas how to get it out or can I take the slam panel with the front bumper off?

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