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New Diff Fitted Today!!!! Need Help with 4 codes...

coopsS3 Oct 20, 2010

  1. coopsS3

    coopsS3 Woosh Woosh Wah...

    Right so ive had the dredded haldex problems... ESP light started to come on now stays on so i did my homework and spoke to a few specialists. ive done the handbrake check and its showed me i had diff problems but before i forked out, i did a full service on my rear diff. No Change

    So i sourced a diff/haldex 40k it had done payed £250! today i had it fitted, again full service... drive home seemed sweet and specialist assured me the wheels locking during 3 point turns had stopped but the ESP light was still on....

    The following faults came up on diagnostics

    • 01312 Data Bus Drive
    • 01314 Engine Control Module
    • 01316 Brake Control Module
    • 01324 All Wheel Drive Module
    So im no expert and new to all this but these sound like expensive parts... so am i right in thinking that these parts simply throw up the code to tell you where to look?

    Also if ive got the same problem on my new diff surely this means its other sensors or earth straps causing the diff/haldex to fail?

    Can anyone with experience with this problem possibly list parts i should look at servicing or replacing i.e ABS sensors and so on

    Many thanks to all who reply ive had enough of this problem and wanna see how big a job its gonna be and make the decision whether i keep the car i love or sell and leave the stress behind.......
  2. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    check all your wires to and from the haldex, ecu, and abs module.

    i've got same esp problem, yesterday though it dissapeared alll day for the first time in weeks, then this morning, it was back. got to be electronic for me.
    seeing as though you've changed the mechanical, id put yours down to electronic fault also.

    so get them wires checked wherever you can see. il be doing the same this weekend. goodluck
  3. hharry100

    hharry100 Member

    try disconnecting the battery and leave for 15mins after you have cleared the faults hopefully it may reset ecu! worth a try
  4. Biggied

    Biggied They called him mellow yellow.

    looks like a drive can coms fault, are you able to speak to all drive can ecus? check pins 7 & 8 on the 8 pin plug, the wires should be orange with purple,green or brown tracer, theses are the can low & high data wires, check for contact corrosion & slack terminals then do the same for pin 2 as that should be a brown earth wire for the module, then also check the big main diff earth strap for obvious signs of damage & that is getting a good earth. I'd give the hole 8 pin plug a good going over anyway & when checking terminals don't asume because they visually look ok that they are, I've traced a few sporadic faults in the past caused by slack female terminals that have only been seen when inserting a spare male terminal into it then feeling there lack of grip/contact.


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