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New competition to win 2 tickets for Goodwood Festival of Speed

Discussion in 'Major UK Events' started by Administrators, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Competition time again.

    If you missed out on the Audi Experience Day competition we ran last month here is your chance to win yet another amazing prize from Audi UK and audi-sport.net.

    Audi-Sport.net has been given two tickets by Audi UK to give away to a lucky member for the Festival of Speed on the 11th of July 2013. This great prize also includes a ride up the world famous Goodwood Hill in either a R8 V10 or RS6. This is one of the hottest tickets in the events calendar and getting harder each year to even get tickets for.

    Simply enter the competition by clicking the banner you will find at the top of most pages or go to the following link below.

    Goodwood Festival of Speed Competition | audi-sport.net magazine
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