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New clutch and flywheel...

Fahim Mar 1, 2011

  1. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    I need a new flywheel for my car, and thought its time i upgrade my clutch too. The flywheel makes one hell of a racket and has clocked over 150K miles on the original clutch and flywheel (22,000 miles remapped) so i would like to upgrade it to something better than the OEM.

    Entering my car into eurocarparts website shows i need a LUK clutch/flywheel.

    My question is, can i replace both LUK items for the SACHS counterpart or must it stay as LUK?

    I know you cannot interchange such as a LUK clutch and a SACHS flywheel but can i do both SACHS clutch and SACHS flywheel?

    Where's the best place to buy it? Any Links? I was thinking to go for a SACHS flywheel and organic clutch?

    Thanks in advance for your replies,

  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    as post earlier how far do you wanna go
    smfw lwfw dmfw
    how much TQ are you putting down etc
  3. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    Approx rolling roaded to 300 lb ft of torque (400nm) and 191 bhp.

    I heard a single mass flywheel destroys gearboxes etc? I also read that Sachs have made their own Single.M flywheel for the 2.0 tdi lumps in the skoda's and so presumably theres one for the A4? They wouldn't make it if it killed your gearbox...right?

    Im not planning on doing much more in terms of power to the car, i'm quite happy with it the way it is. Just want something that will be able to put the power down and not be eaten away after every time i floor the car, so a dmf and a organic clutch perhaps?

    whats a LWFY?

    Thanks bez for your reply.
  4. Fahim

    Fahim Member


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