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  1. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Have just got my ECU chip taken out and replaced with a Home fries from Paul Nugent off S2 Forum and looking forward to the results i am expecting the same BHP but the torque level to be up past 310 hopefully

    Just for peoples info .the chip that was in before was a superchip and for the detail i have recieved from it ...I am very dissapointed with what i have been told boost levels were all wrong and to the level were it could have done some serious damage the turbo.the boost level was maxed out at 7K which is not good .it would be just blowing hot air and making the turbo glow

    so if you do get a superchip put in your ECU please check out the way the boost levels are mapped as there could be serious damage getting done to your turbo!!

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