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  1. robby

    robby Active Member

    Well picked up my new car today - 2006 A3 TDi sport S-Line in Akoya silver

    Drove 90 miles to swap over averaging 26mpg in the Focus ST2 and comming home averaged upto 51.7mpg in the A3 - bit of a difference

    The A3 engine is noisier than the Merc sprinter van i drive during the day which suprised me? it is smooth though (i stalled in in the petrol station ) so i guess i'm happy

    Got it home and it was cleaned with the pressure wash, snowfoamed, rinsed and fully clayed ready for a detail with the DA tommorow (booked 2 days off work).I did under the bonnet with a cleaning solution and plenty of rags so it's spotless as well. I also debadged the rear (left the rings on) and have ordered a S-Line badge to fit where the 2.0tdi badge went

    1 of the things i find annoying is the seatbelt reminder, i know i'm supposed to wear the belt but i don't want the car telling me - is there a way of disabling this feature?

    I've also found 1 of the parcel shelf brackets (the part with the rubber which sits in the groove) is missing - can these be bought seperate?

    I'll be fitting a black grille and LCR splitter later on so is there any other subtle/ cheap mods i can do easily?

    pics will be taken at the weekend weather permitting :)
  2. _GRP_

    _GRP_ A3 2.0TDI Sportback S-Line

    Hi Robby, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a similar spec'd A3, although maybe a year or two earlier.
    Can I ask how much you paid, and where you found it? Keep searching Pistonheads, autotrader, exchange and mart, but strugling to find the right car.
    Audi's Approved Used cars just seem very expensive to me.

  3. robby

    robby Active Member

    Hi George
    I kept looking on pistonheads, autotrader and ebay - this one was on ebay as a set price of £11990 (43k on clock) which seemed a good price as similar year/ mileage cars were upto £14000 at other garages. I bought this from a VW main dealers and haggled for a few things doing and for a warranty worth £395 thrown in so i guess the price i ended up paying was £11500 and they gave me more for my p/x than other garages were offering

    Hope you manage to find 1 and make sure you get a good warranty
  4. A3Bash

    A3Bash Member

    Yep the feature can be disabled in VCDS (diagnostic tool) but it wouldn't annoy me.
  5. maninthestreet

    maninthestreet Active Member

    The way to stop the seat belt warning is to put on the seat belt. Simples!
  6. robby

    robby Active Member

    Thanks - is this like Vag-Com (laptop thingy)?

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