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  1. mikeypur

    mikeypur Member

    Picked up our new car at the weekend, really happy with it, A4 avant Special Edition S-Line.

    But I have a couple of questions if someone on here could help me out.

    I have been reading on here that you get AMI & MMI systems, can anyone tell what it is in my car? It doesn't have sat nav system.
    Also, what is the deal with connecting the ipod, the only way i can see how to do it is through the aux input in the arm rest? is there a retro kit available for full ipod integration? it has the B&O soundsystem if that helps...

    I will be looking to get all the interior lights changed over to LED and also the number plate lights to LED in the future, other than that im just gonna keep it as it is and clean (well hopefully, until I read about something on here that I fancy changing no doubt).

    Anyway, any help on the matter above would be great,


    Edit: one other thing which i am still unsure about is the black audi rings on the front grill - can these be easily changed back to chrome IE just pop them off and pop the chrome ones on, or is it a bumper off job & replacement grill that is required?

  2. l5tuy

    l5tuy Member

    Congrats, nice looking motor. Place is full of Aberdonians!!

    I quite like the all black grill and badge, I have a white one and fancy going all black.

    l 5tuy

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