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New car collected - advice please

InnerGuard Jun 14, 2012

  1. InnerGuard

    InnerGuard New Member

    Evening all

    I picked up my 58 plate A4 today, and have already put an extra 100 miles on it putting it through its paces! Love it, but there's just a couple of things that are niggling me though..

    First, the steering. It's like there's NO power steering! A quick google search seems to point out that this is a common 'issue' with the earlier B8's, but it can be sorted via vagcom, although Audi denied this to me today? Can it be sorted and is there anybody near Leicester that you could recommend who could sort it me?

    And secondly the AUX connection.. Awful if the plug is pushed all the way in, but ok if only half it?! According to the dealer this is because Audi want you to buy their cable (for £35?!) anybody else heard this?

    I'll stop now, but thanks in advance for any help! And I'll get some pics up tomorrow once I've got my new wheels on!

    Cheers! :)
  2. Pyeman

    Pyeman Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    The steering can be adjusted via Vagcom/VCDS. I've done mine already.

    Never had any trouble with the Aux lead as I have the Audi lead. You get 2 leads from Audi for £35 not just 1, well that what I got when I collect my car and they came with it.
  3. InnerGuard

    InnerGuard New Member

    Thanks Pyeman, thats exactly what i wanted to hear!!

    The Aux cable im not so bothered about as i've dumped a load of music onto an SD card, but the steering is driving me insane! I've got my car booked in with a VAG specialist on monday, who said they've never done it but will have a look and see if it can be done! Do you have any codes or info from when yours was done that might help them?


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