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New car Brilliant red

markm3006 Apr 4, 2012

  1. markm3006

    markm3006 Member

    New A3 ordered in brilliant red & the salesman has thrown in ' free ' Supagard, now I've read lots about this being a waste of time & money etc :no:
    As I'm not paying for it do I let them apply it anyway ?
    Is it any good for say the first 6 months ?
    Can I add a wax on top of it to keep the paint beading ?
    If I use a good polish will that remove the Supagard over time ?
    Sorry for all the questions but I've never had a car with it before :racer:

    Cheers, Mark
  2. whitey

    whitey Member

    Hi Mark,

    if its free then no harm done, however iou can say negotiate something instead of equivalent value i would do. Nothings ever free so you are paying for it somewhere in the deal!

    Gget a free service, or mats or ask for £100 cashback and put that towards a proper detail!

    If you cant and they do it, dont worry it wont harm the car anyworse thanwhen you pick it up. Traet car as normal and pretend its not there, good clean, good polish and coat of wax will be o.k.

    Best thing you can do regardless is as soon as got it, get a few layers of wax or a sealant on top!

  3. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    Personally, I'd save the money and get a good detailer to use a superior glazing product elsewhere for the same money as you'd be charged by the dealer. If you aren't especially fussy, then the product the dealer will use will be sufficient to give you a reasonable gloss - but it's also likely that the person who applies it will add some swirling to the paintwork.

    I have a Brilliant Red S3 and I think it's only second to a flat black colour in its ability to a) look amazing and b) be a total pain in the **** to keep looking good. Beware that it will pick up all the blemishes and show them - have a look at a recent thread of mine in this section to see what an 18-month old Brilliant Red car needed to restore it!

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