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New car alloy rim protection

PjDali Dec 15, 2012

  1. PjDali

    PjDali Member

    Might be sad but already thinking about my new car (a few months away sadly) and wondered if anyone had ever used these alloy protectors or had any experience of them?

    I seen these on an autoexpress test but not sure if they are really anything more than a gimmick. usual web site stuff from manufacturer would make you think they could withstand all sorts of punishment......maybe I'm too mistrusting :ermm:


    AlloyGator® Smart Wheel Protection & Alloy Wheel Repairs

    My current car has N/S front wheel scuffed as I stupidly caught a kerb and my wife followed up with a similar mistake on same wheel......if any good feedback on these I might look to get a set fitted when I pick up the new A3 SB.
  2. MiT

    MiT Work Hard, Play harder!!

    never heard of them.
    I just YouTube'd the product and it shoes how it works. not sure if it will look good.

    What would you do if you where fitting a new tyre? can you re-use them?

    i guess also if your rim's stick out more then the edge of the rim then it will not protect the spokes if you know what i mean.

    best thing i have learnt is, steer into the kerb, so your tyre hits the kerb first before the wheel.
  3. PjDali

    PjDali Member

    Cheers MiT

    Once I take delivery of the new car next year, I'll know more about tyre / wheel combo Audi put out on the new A3 SB and how well protected the rims are from the tyre itself.

    I'm generally pretty careful with kerbs but one misjudgement and a good chance that a pristine wheel gets scuffed and we've all been there, one pissed off driver and a scratched alloy.

    Not convinced those protectors are worth £60 but will keep my eyes open for any reviews.

    Cheers PJ

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