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New Car A4 Avant 2.0T SE

heli_madken Aug 15, 2010

  1. heli_madken

    heli_madken Member

    Hi All,

    My first post in the B7 section, my lovely B6 S4 Cab is going on Wednesday due to my wifes ex-husband deciding he no longer wants to pay child support for his 2 kids (he is in the US so not much we can do) and as his son is just about to start Uni I am duty bound to support him, so the S4 has to go, gutted

    Ive not been too hard on myself though with an 06 plate A4 2.0T SE avant quattro (200BHP version). What I would like to know is are there any issues with this car that I should look for? I noticed in the test drive that the throttle didnt die off too well, almost like the throttle was sticking, when changing gear might have been me though.

    What options have I got for re-maps and who seems to be the best value?

    What is the fuel economy like bearing in mind I am used to around 21mpg so I am hoping to see an improvement

    Anything else about the car how does it handle etc, any help would be appreciated

  2. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    Will you regret not finding one in S Line spec after having the S4?

    Can't offer any dirrect advice on maps for the A4 but from experience you will find a decent increase in power and this is often coupled with better MPG!?!

    I had an AMD map on my BAM engine which took it up from 225hp to 265hp and it felt a million times better for it - mpg went from 24(ish) to 29(ish) mpg on a spirited run!
  3. Bigman

    Bigman Cornish and Proud!

    I bought an 06 2.0T (200bhp) S-line avant a few months ago, and love it! I am currently averaging around 30mpg (being a quattro yours will be abit worse than this) but have found that using cruise on the motorway at around 75ish it will get around 40mpg which is pretty impressive!

    As for Issues, first thing that will be worth trying to find out is when/if the fuel pump cam follower has been changed, I have heard stories of these giving up and causing expensive damage, a replacement follower is only about £25, so it won't break the bank, I have just recived mine and it will be fitted in the next week or so before I drive to Germany! Other than these I am not realy sure of anything else, Being an SE it will sit quite high and will have nice comfy suspension, which obviously will not add to the handling of the car, Alot of people have changed the rear ARB to an RS4 one, these are around £80 for the full kit (speak to PJMSpeedy if you are interested), This is something I also have here waiting to be fitted very soon!

    Re-map wise I have heard alot of people recomend R-Tech in hinckley, as for power etc, I have heard that gains of around 45bhp and around 70Nm are possible, once again, another thing that I have planned for mine pretty soon!

    I have also noticed the throttle not dieing off quickly, but now I am used to it I have do not notice it any more.

  4. heli_madken

    heli_madken Member

    Thanks thats really helpful, do you know if its a big job to change the fuel pump follower do you intend to do the work yoursefl?

    Couple more questions, any cam belt issues with this motor? not even sure if it has one! if so what mileage should it be changed

    One more simple thing I am using 97 or 99 RON unleaded in my car will this car run well on normal 95 RON unleaded?

    Thanks, Ken


    The cambelt should be changed every 5 years or 60,000 miles whichever is sooner, as far as fuel goes you should be fine on 95 ron.
  6. heli_madken

    heli_madken Member

    Thanks a lot, its done 52.5K so will be coming up for a cambelt change in a few months time I guess.

    One more very silly question, I noticed the exhaust tips are matt black, not sure if this is something the owner has done or would it be original? havent seen it before. They are lightly marked so if they where originally chrome I miight try taking them back
  7. heli_madken

    heli_madken Member

    So I have been to pick the car up today and I must admit with it being a dealership and fully serviced I never thought to listen to the engine, so get it home and it sounds like a bag of $hite with a loud knocking noise coming from the rear of the cylinder head.

    Not familiar at all with this engine whats at the back of the cylinder head that could make a noise that sounds like the old tappet rattle.

    Got to take it back tomorrow, gutted, any help would be appreciated

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