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New Cab owner

pigcry Dec 13, 2004

  1. pigcry

    pigcry New Member

    Well having been deciding to get an A4 Cab for about the past 2 years, I finally picked up my 2 year old 3.0 last week and I am only dissappointed that it took me so long to do it!

    The car is as follows:

    3.0 V6 Multi
    Caribbean Blue
    Blue leather interior
    Blue hood -perhaps a touch too much blue ;-)
    Symphony Stereo
    Electric seats
    Auto dimming mirrors

    Would have liked a parking sensor but the car was in A1 condition and too good to turn down.

    Planning a spring trip to Northern France. With the hood down all the way (I hope).

    The car is a replacement for an aging Fiat Coupe, which was lovely to drive but far too Italian and tempramental. I hope the Audi delivers the german reliability I am hoping for.

    Ah well, nice to joing the group!

  2. CJ A4

    CJ A4 Active Member

    Welcome aboard pal. Hope you have many good years driving your new Audi /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

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