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New breaks and boot closing problem(2.0 FSI)

-adrian- Oct 17, 2013

  1. -adrian-

    -adrian- .fuct

    Hi there,
    I need new breaks for my 2.0 FSI.
    I want breakpads as well as discs, but I am not sure about the seize of the needed parts.
    cheapest to buy them on ebay? looking for ATE Ceramik front pads and the rest as normal ATE supply (Discs and Pads back).

    Second question is my boot. If I smash it down it does not always close completely but I have to close it again. Sometimes it is just fine. It will mostly always close when I am pressing it down with the hand and not releasing it on the way. Where could this problem come from? that plastic cover in there? WD40 in the lock?
  2. Chillout

    Chillout Active Member

    Sounds like your boot latch is tommy tucked just replace it the cost around £40 as for discs and pads go to euro car parts and enter your reg they supply various brands like pagid and often have good promotions if you enter a discount code.
  3. -adrian-

    -adrian- .fuct

    Yeah, had a look there but they didn't have ATE.
    I much rather have ATE and ATE Ceramic than breaks I never heard about :)

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