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New brake pads fitted - Warning lights

Matty-K Jan 18, 2007

  1. Matty-K

    Matty-K New Member

    Hi all. New to the forum and in need of help if poss. Ive a 1996 1.8 model and must admit to being very wet behind the ears when it comes to mechanics. However after latest £300 bill for repairs I've decided its time to start learning the basics and then see how it goes from there.

    The repairs which were carried out were. New front and back brake pads fitted, an oil leak fixed and the replacement of a split CV boot.

    Today was the 1st day driving the car at distance since the repairs and 2 lights have appeared on the dash which after reading through my manual I've found to be brake related.

    The 1st is a yellow ABS light and the second is a flashing red Exclamation similar to the handbrake light.

    Ive checked the brake fluid level and it seems fine and thats where my ideas on what the prob could be come to an end.

    One other thing that could be important. When applying brakes, just before the car comes to a halt a small grinding noise occurs. Could this just be something to do with the pads bedding in so to speak?

    Any ideas folks. Any help appreciated. Matt.
  2. jimya4t

    jimya4t Member

    when you hear the grinding noise, are you goin slow and can you feel a vibration through the pedal? mine done this when i changed my brakes and it was the abs reluctor ring that sits on the back of the rear disk. i dont know anything about the front disks but this was what was the matter with mine. the disk cost £10 from audi.
  3. mas

    mas Member

    the front abs ring is part of the outer cv joint, so what have they done at the sensor or the ring.

    the wire from the sensor goes into the car body through a rubber grommet - if you remove the grommet you can pull the connector out - dont let it fall back into the body - and check the resistance , cant remember the values off hand - but you can compare each side. if you have a scope you can spin the wheel and check the pattern.

    Although thinking about it - get vag com on it - you have errors so it should tell you and confirm which one it is. If it is the one that has been worked on check that the sensor hasnt been damaged or pushed in too far - you could be grinding an expensive sensor down against a not cheap either cv joint.

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