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New Bluetooth Car Kit

synthdood Jan 25, 2009

  1. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    In the thread about installing a car kit without causing dashboard holes I promised to put up a few pics of the Bury CC9060 bluetooth kit that I installed yesterday. For those who don't know it, it is a bluetooth hands free kit with a touch screen. It can be fully voice operated and it understands voice commands without having to teach it your voice first. I was quite impressed with how good this actually works. Before I got it I was afraid it would be as useless as the Mercedes voice control that Jeremy Clarkson once demonstrated where the car didn't undestand a single word he said... quite hilarious actually, but is isn't anything like that. The Bury kit really understands what you say.

    I mounted the little screen on the mounting plate that used to have the cradle for my old Nokia. One of the main reasons for getting this particular kit is that it has a control screen that would not look out of place on the existing mounting plate (which is screwed to the dash so I can't take it out without ruining the dash). It has several colour themes. I have it set at the red scheme since this fits the dash illumination perfectly. So far I am very happy with the results.

    Here are the pics:
    (Don't mind the cable, since I took the pictures I managed to tidy it up)


    Day mode

    Night mode Red color scheme

    Night mode Blue color scheme

    Night mode Green color scheme

    Dial a number

    Play music
  2. davemk

    davemk Active Member

    Nice. The red looks very OEM. :icon_thumright:
  3. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    Looks good mate!

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