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New Black edition - some ipod and s-line badge questions

STW Apr 12, 2011

  1. STW

    STW New Member

    Hi folks

    Took possession of my new Ibis White A4 s-line black edition the other week. Thoroughly enjoying it and its a step up in performance and comfort and style from my 09 A3 s-line. Couple of questions that i hope you can help with -

    It has b&o sound system fitted. Now this sounds excellent however my previous a3 had bose and the ipod connector in glove box and i never enjoyed the sound of this and eventually bought a £3 3.5m jack cable from maplins where one end went in headphone slot of ipod and other end connected it up via AUX in and i found the sound was a lot fuller and more "bassier". whilst the b&o is excellent i feel it somewhat lacks a teensy bit in the bass area even with it turned up to max and i think a lot of this is to do with how its connected via glove box as you cant muck about with the ipod EQ settings. I like to feel the bass in my chest and i wonder if its anything to do with either this or the sub woofer in boot. I also notice that you can order a cable from Audi where this will connect via glove box slot into ipdod headphone socket although you lose the AMI functionality. So has anyone used this cable and notice its made a considerable difference to the bass impact before i shell out £30 for it? Or has anyone replaced the sub woofer in boot and if so what with?

    Secondly anyone have any good reliable contact for buying a front grill A4 s-line badge? seen a few on e-bay but would rather hear from someone who has bought genuine steel one from a reliable source

    As yet i've not gotten round to taking any pictures as its been almost constant rain in my neck of the woods but i will do this soon and get them posted as i'm very proud of my new pride and joy! (wife just laughs at me when i tell her this)

    thanks in advance for any help you can give

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