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new audi stereo (2003) in older car (1999)

barnyrubble Aug 14, 2008

  1. barnyrubble

    barnyrubble New Member

    i have bought a concert cd stereo taken from an 03 plate a4 and have fitted it to my 99 a4, i have read some info about post 2001 models having a canbus system so i realise it will never work throught the ignition and speed controlled to car speed etc. i am happy enough switching on and off manually. the cd player, radio and cd changer all work fine, the only problem i have is front speakers do not always work, mostly on switching the unit on just the rears work, but on a few occasions all the speakers work. Any ideas whats causing this? is there something i can do to ensure all speakers work all the time. Should all the spaekers work without canbus sytem? Any help would be greatly appreciated otherwise i will need to sell the stereo and find another facie as i have already cut it to fit the new stereo! Doh!!!! Ideas on best place to get a new facia? its one thats has a cut-out for air con unit also!


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