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New Audi S3 Help

RobHardyUK Mar 28, 2007

  1. RobHardyUK

    RobHardyUK New Member

    Hello all

    Just signed up, very nice forum. I am currently in a situation of ponder, between a bmw 320d m sport coupe and the new Audi S3. I am test driving both at the weekend.

    I am wondering, what sort of per month price it will be on a PCP deal? I.e. where you can give the car back, swap it or buy it at the end of the term. Whats the cheapest you can pay per month with about a 3k deposit?

    Also finally, whats peoples opinions been on them so far? I currently have a little clio 197.
  2. Mo

    Mo Member

    I dont know much about pcp finance but there's no comparison between a 320d and an S3. Youll find that out at the weekend mate !! Good luck
  3. newbiecrg

    newbiecrg windsurfer

    Have you test drove it yet? It will sure clear your mind of any doubts, cleared mine...

    Also you cannot compare a 320d with a S3, completely different power, philosophies and targets... If you are choosing between the two it becomes a personal choice in terms of what do you need...

    Anyway the diesel is fast and economical to run, also good for family...
    The S3 is even faster, can be a bit brute, not cheap to run or insure, as far I'm concerned one of the best performance hatchbachs of the moment...

    This probably does not help much... You're always safe with a 320d, S3 you have to want it!

  4. RobHardyUK

    RobHardyUK New Member

    yeah x2 different cars, but both cost about the same per year.the bmw works out about 32k, the audi 28k. tbh I also have the option of a 335, but trying to be reasonably sane. Any ideas on monthly pcp cost on the s3?
  5. rich1068

    rich1068 Member

    Have a look at www.freewaycars.co.uk It's part of the Bank of Scotland I believe.

    I used them to bargain with Audi.
  6. Chins

    Chins Member

    I have to say I looked at a 325dM against the S3. I own through my company a 320d. I found there quite a gulf in performance between the 325 and S3. Against the 320d its a big drop, plus a **** rev range on the diesel. We have two BMW at work with the lovely runflats and both day to day drivers complain about how skittish the car is.

    As for actual costs. I dont think you will see a lot in it. I would contract hire any BMW though as residuals are appauling made the mistake of buying our 320d. The S3 being more limited in supply should hold out better.

    My finance numbers:

    Car £28k
    Deposit £3k
    Monthly x 37 £449
    Final £13,300

    I could of reduced the monthly's by getting a higher final payment, but chose not to.

  7. RobHardyUK

    RobHardyUK New Member

    how much do you think you could have reduced monthly payments by? i dont get the negatives on the final, as surely you might aswell make it as high as possible at the end, and just give it back?
  8. normski

    normski Member

    Depends whether you intend to buy the car out right at the end or feel like you actually came out of the agreement with a bit of a deposit for your next car.

    If you don't mind renting a car and completely losing any capital at the end, fill your boots.

    Incidentally, I have had three finance quotes over 48 months on balanced payments (like PCP but with just a balloon at the end and you can't just give the car back)

    Audi 48 mths at £399 with £4,250 deposit on a £28,000 S3, final payment about £11,500

    The same with lomard but with a £3,500 deposit

    And finally with Marks and Spencers at £440 with £3000 deposit and a balloon of £7,500.

    The Audi guy said it is essentially Lease Hire, and the Lombard guy said it is balanced payments. What is easy to see is that if you pay more per month your balloon is less. Audi did say they would try to match or better the best figure I could get, and ae quite flexible in the final payment to either way.

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