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?New Audi policy regarding tuned (chipped) cars?

john_cook Aug 28, 2007

  1. john_cook

    john_cook I was the STIG.

    As some of you may have read on here, I had my 2005 2.0 TDI (140) serviced last week. Well, on Sunday gone I was driving it up a very slight hill and the engine just stopped pulling after 2500 rpm in any gear. Managed to get it home and called the local audi dealership who said call back Tuesday. Called back today and they said I should have phoned audi assist (they didnt tell me that on Sunday and I didnt realise I was signed up with them as the car was still under warranty).

    Anyway, they plugged in their gizmos today and we went for a drive. The car was working perfectly and felt completely normal. One thing the technician commented about was that the readouts on the computer, he thought it had been chipped so asked if it had been. It hasnt actually, and I told him. It has no performance enhancing engine modifications at all, just bodykit and alloys. Now what was interesting is what he said next...

    He said its really hard for audi to prove if a car has been chipped and if it has been it doesnt affect the warranty because its hard for them to check and prove it. I said I was tinkering with the idea of chipping it but this has put me right off. He said dont worry, go ahead and get it chipped, it wont affect the warranty. Is that really true??

    If it has been chipped then Lincoln audi have sold me a chipped car and not told me about it. Well at least the car works for now. He said give them a bell if it plays up again. I was impressed with the audi assist on the phone and the technician was a top bloke. All round good service. Well done audi!

  2. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Who knows. Mines getting done anyway
  3. Covenant

    Covenant Member

    The subject has come up several times before. Basically, it depends on the dealership.
    Some dealers will actually chip it for you and warranty the work, others will refuse to touch the car.
  4. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

  5. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Don't always go on what one of the mechanics say too as their opinion odes not count as its the service and workshop managers that ultimately refuse any warranty work and not the mechanics!

    It is very easy to detect its been chipped ie higher boost/air flow readings on vag com.

    Yes it may be difficult to actually PROVE the remap/extra power is directly responsible for a engine problem/warranty claim. However just having it remapped and third party software put on the car the dealer is entitled to as people have said to refuse all work on the car.

    Some dealers will, some will only perform warranty work on issues arising not from the remap and others (although few and far between) will not be bothered at all (if you find one let us all know).

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