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New Audi owner....a few questions...

mikehturbo Jul 10, 2010

  1. mikehturbo

    mikehturbo New Member

    Hi all

    Great forum!

    I've just come over from the uk-mkivs having now finally bought an Audi!

    Just bought myself a 53 plate 2.0 TDi sport 3dr and its safe to say i'm really pleased with it!

    Couple things and issues i have and I'd like to ask if these are things that have been resolved before.

    1) The headlight range (tilt) isn't working - checked the fuse's and all ok, cant hear the motors even attempting to move.

    2) Rumbling from the rear at speed - I've been told the dunlop tires i have on the back is the cause of this due to the unusual way they wear on the A3, almost sounds like a wheel bearing.

    3) I'd like to put a Votex front spoiler and rear boot spoiler on the car - where is the best place to source a GOOD quality one not some cheap copy that wont fit right.

    4) I have vag com which i used to be able to use on my old mk4 golf gt tdi, but that wasn't can system, which vag com software do i need and will i need to replace my lead again?

    5) Car seems to be a little lumpy on idle when hot and takes a few cranking seconds to fire up when its warmed up is this normal? i've got a feeling its not quite pulling as hard as it could as well, the ESP light rarely comes on in fact have to really try to get it to come on.

    Sorry for all the questions but a few niggles i'd like to clear up!

    So far thou i'm really pleased with it!!!

    many thanks in advance.

  2. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    Can't help with most of that, but you can get the Votex bits from Audi. Ask dave in the "Stoke audi" section for a quote!

    Good luck with your new ride!
  3. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    1/ have you checked for any dodgy connections / rusty connections

    2/ wheel bearing, but mostlikely a wheel balancing issue, what sort of speed does it occur?

    3/ not a scooby i have a personal dislike for votex, i think you should get free kappa trackies with the kit

    4/ your software will remain the same, i presume its a chinese lead and not a genunine one?

    5/ id try getting a tin of oil flush through it followed by a complete service after a 15 minute run, make sure to clean the throttle body too as chances are the car has just been used for the town and is all clogged. as for the esp, what did you expect youve bouought an oil burner :laugh:
  4. mikehturbo

    mikehturbo New Member

    Cheers for the info!

    Found the rear tires have worn very oddly ion the inner edge so swapped them for the fronts todayand will see what its like after a few miles.

    Not sure how the votex front spoiler and rear top spoiler can be perceived as "chavy" tastefull i thought and cheaper than going down the S3 front look. here's Boydie's as an example:


    that coupled with the roof tip spoiler on my lava grey A3 and i'd be most happy.

    ref the vag com yes cheap lead coupled with the "freeware" version 311-2 do i need a different version that supports Can? also a new lead too?


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